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The Liddell Family Tree


So this site...has been left sitting pretty for some years. Never to fear, i'm going to give the webmistress duties to the head committee member of the South Carolina event...she will be able to update the information and edit things. I've been quite busy the last few years. Thanks for being patient~

Has this site been abandoned?  It has not been updated since 01/2006!

Well this is kind of my weblog updating site info of my trials and tribulations:
Hello and Happy New Year to everyone! The reuinon is fast approaching and it is time to start making plans to be here in Nashville with us!! The second issue of the Liddell quarterly should be in your hands as we speak. Please use the website to make your reservations and to stay abreast of all the great things we have planned for you in Nashville!
Zuri, Reunion Committee Chairperson


O MI GOsh i have updated here in like a whole year >< SO sorry everyone, with school and everything else, I kinda lost track, this summer updates will happen more often....

Plus I still have family members to call -_- so sorry i havent gotten a chance to talk yet, i havent forgotten :D

Coming Soon........The first issue of the Liddell Quarterly! Be sure to send your mailing address to Zuri if you want your copy hot off the press!!

yay!!!!!!!!!!! its a new year!!!!!!!!! I hope your holidays were good, mine were...well lets not go there yet! Anyway thanks to Zuri this site, will see updates more continually, with her awesome plans for the 2006 family reunions *big hugs to her!* Anyway just to let you know just little under a month till my birthday!!!!!

ACK! Sorry, i've been meaning to put up stories & stuff but my computer crashed, so i've lost everything AHHHHHHHHH! The only thing i have is from emails in the announcement section. Give me a couple months...sooooo sorry!

Can you say TIRED!!!!!!!!! ACK! i can barely see straight, lol, i just started working about almost a month at the library, and already i have less time for fun! So sorri, i haven't really been updating, i've been trying to balance stuff.  Anyway, good news! We have another annoucement...and i just met a cousin (i think...LOL) his name's theodore, and he's really cool! So ya thats that!

I'm sooooooooo mad...hardly any of my pictures are showing! AHHHHHHHH! Anyway, You think this site has a lot of pages....just wait until I finish it...I have most of the important stuff, but in less than a month I'll be adding downloadable music, wallpapers, other information, etc. So I hope you like the start.....cuz from here I'm about to throw down (hehe..a lil slang for all you street knowledgeable people) did I spell that right? 'knowledgable....knowledgeable....' hmmmm....knowl....

Sooooooo sorry, ack! I'm working now, so i've like no time, don't worry i'm getting better, anyway, i'm going to leave the poll up just a little bit longer, I'm glad someone finally signed the guest book hehe, anyway, If you have any stories or poems, please send them, anything else is fine, too.

THank GOD! I can finally see my pictures...i was about to shoot someone...but all is well...anway thank you all soooooo much for your words of encouragment! They mean so much!

"Emotions...expressions...assimilations....that is what writers express"