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The Liddell Family Tree
Fun Family Ideas

You will always mostly be with family...whether your immediate family or extended family. So you should always be prepared & want to hang out together. Because since your related, you probably are going to be seeing them for a loooong time. So why not make it fun!

Here are some fun ideas to bring family closer together.
  • Have family game night. (thats a classic)
  • Have family movie night. (More for you older "kids")
  • Have family dinner night (At least once a week, families should sit down and eat together
  • Have family devotions (Where you sit and talk about life, church, etc.)
  • If your on vacation to a particular place, and you know you have relatives there...visit them!
  • Birthday parities, Graduations, Holidays...hello thats a given! Family should always be there (even invite the ones you dont like!) :)


Personally my favorite one, is Family movie night. In my family we do it so that one person each picks a movie that he/she likes and we watch it. Whether its cartoon or real life. Every week someone gets to pick a movie...and even if its the stupidest movie we sit and watch it making fun of both the movie and who picked it out! Trust me, this is one fun night where you are kind of thankful that everyone has different tastes...but your mad at the same time!

 "Happy is said to be the family which can eat onions together. They are, for the time being, separate, from the world, and have a harmony of aspiration. "
                    -Charles Warner