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The Liddell Family Tree
Family Reunion

This is to tell you what you missed at the Liddell Family Reunion 2010, and where the next one will be held.

"A family reunion represents the present, as it looks at what has evolved from the past. Reunion affirms that although life ends, the universality of the Liddell family is an ever expanding present, you, your siblings, you children, grandchildren, etc. are testimonies to this fact."
She also wrote in her book "These Are My People"
"Did you go to the Liddell Family Reunion and wondered why a particular person was there, you thought you were related but didnt know where... Cousins are related to each other through descent from a common ancestor. Penny Liddell is our common ancestor..."

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The next Family Reunion will be held in 2011, in Myrtle Beach, SC. So that means you have 2 years to save up for it.
Here are some tips to save for it.
  1. Start a special "Family Reunion" account at the bank deposit 10% of your check in it...you'll be suprised at how it adds up.
  2. Save all your change (every penny counts!)
  3. Do not wait until January 2012 to start to save up...you'll never make it in time...start now!