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The Liddell Family Tree
Understanding A Name

Here is the meaning and origin of the Liddell name.

Liddell, Liddle- (Eng)- One who came from Liddell (Loud River Valley) or dweller at the Liddell River both in Cumberland.
The Liddell River is located in Ireland.
In the Scottish Surname, Clifford Sims writes,
"Local: From the river Liddell"
           According to the story that has been handed down generation after generation...Long, long, long ago far away in Ireland there was a terrible flood destroying everything surrounding Liddell river. After the flood some children found a baby near the Liddell River. No trace of the baby's parents or any relative. The children took the baby home to their parents they raised the child up and since he had no name or identity they gave him the name, Liddell. Since they found him at the river, like the biblical story they called him Moses, Moses Liddell.
           Moses grew up, married and had a family along the Liddell river. They family grew and some came to America. From this baby alone at the Liddell River...this move that the Liddells in America are descendants of....
*This story was repeated to Bettye Swims from a direct descendant of Moses M. Liddell


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