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The Liddell Family Tree

The Family Branches

The Decendants of Penny Liddell
*If some one knows each branch color, please send it to me...I do not know them all....

The Descendants of Penny Liddell
Captain "Cap" Liddell
Anderson Liddell
Ben Liddell
Mary Ann Liddell
Anderson Liddell
Dock Liddell
Captain Liddell- was born in Georgia in 1842. He married Loretta in 1962, a descendant of the Choctaw Indian, they had nine children and one set of twins.
Children: Beaugard, Ranch, Penny, Julia, Fanny, Anderson, Cap Jr., Rachel, and Benny. *He had one outside child named Dennis.
Anderson Liddell- born in 1844 in Tennessee. He married Julia. they had no children. They shared their home w/his mother penny, her husband and youngest son, Anderson. This proves she had two sons named Anderson.
Ben Liddell-born in 1848 in Tennessee. He married Lucy in 1868. They had three children.
Children: Martha, Jinney, and Jimmy.
Mary Ann Liddell- married Gus neighbors. (no record of children)
*Anderson Liddell- born in Mississippi. He married Alice and they twelve children.
Children: W.M. Felix, Charlie, Robert, Ora Lee, Anna Jane, *Joe Eddie, Florence, Cora, Joseph, Sylvia, and Nan.
Dock Liddell-married Emma (no record)
Note: The index of free black marriages before the Civil War included Penny's name. Therefore she was a free woman before the Civil War along with her children and granchildren.
Mama Penny told of seeing a falling star as she was leaving the master's kitchen. Family members believed that contributed to her blindness.
According to Goliday Liddell, Mama Penny was still sharp even in her blindness because he tried to still food off her plate while she was eating. She would also spank them on their hand and knew what child it was. She died on April 6.
*Anderson and Alice Liddell were my great- great-great grandparents. Joe Eddie is my great-great grandfather.

Leaning tree

Branch Colors

Descendants of Alfred- Gray 
Descendants of Anderson - Baby Blue
Descendants of Annie- Navy  Blue
Descendants of Beaugard - Red
Descendants of David- Maroon
Descendants of Lena-Black
Descendants of Robin- Gold
Descendants of Dennis- Yellow
Descendants of Ranch- White
Descendants of Willie-  Green


Interesting Fact: In almost every family tree you'll find a Martha.
"He that careth not from whence he came, careth little wither he goeth." -Daniel Webster